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What is Tech support?

As soon as we say 'Tech Support', most people think of calling the manufacturer's support hotline, hearing "There are 16 people ahead of you in the queue" and waiting until a person comes on the line and asks "What is your serial number?" This is exactly what you should do if you are having a problem with a new piece of equipment. But what if you've had your system for a few years, and you have no idea if the problem is due to faulty hardware, improper settings, a virus, or the fact that there was a nasty lighting storm yesterday?

You can call Guld Systems! Jim Guld has been building, installing, networking, and troubleshooting all kinds of computers since 1984. There are several things he might do:

- listen to your problem and give an opinion on the likely cause
- refer you to a manufacturer or other free support if appropriate
- solve the problem over the phone
- visit your computer and fix the problem

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What does it cost?

Phone support is charged by the incident - $40 prepaid via PayPal or MC/Visa. If the phone time exceeds one hour - other arrangements should be made, like having a local tech visit. If we have to visit your office (or home) to fix the problem, our charge is $90/hr with a one hour minimum. If you're an RVer in the same location as us, the charge is $60/hr.





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