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Computer Seminars for Computer Savvy Campers

Jim and Chris are computer support professionals. Chris owned the first computer training center in South Florida, Computer Savvy, Inc., from 1983 - 1996. Jim was a network administrator and Microsoft Certified Instructor. In 2004 and 2005, through their travels and their work with Coach Connect, Jim and Chris presented seminars at dozens of RV parks around the country. They also presented to audiences of 2-300 at FMCA conventions. Now, in 2006, they are available to present to your rally, RV park or other group. The list of topics is shown below. The seminars are about 2 hours long. The normal fee is $15 per person, with a minimum of 10. Email Chris if you're interested in booking any of these seminars, and she'll let you know when it can be scheduled based on their itinerary.

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Seminar Title Description
Traveling and Computers An overview of things you need to know about using your computer as you travel. The physical care and handling of computers on the road. We also teach how to stay in touch using a variety of methods to connect to the Internet as well as how to set up web-based photo journals or Weblogs. Travelers need an email address that stays with them wherever they go. And, last but not least, every traveler needs a GPS and mapping software and Google Earth.
All about WiFi

Jim Guld will demonstrate the process of connecting to the Internet at a WiFi hotspot. He will explain what a 'wireless adapter' is and how to install it. He will cover frequently asked questions about connecting to the Internet at WiFi hotspots. He will specifically cover what to do when it doesn't work.

WiFi Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Digital Photos with Picasa2 from Google
Picasa2 is a free program from Google and it is simply THE best way to manage the hundreds of digital photos that travelers accumulate! Learn how to organize and find those photos you forgot you had. Learn how to crop, color-correct and resize photos for emailing or posting to the web.
Know your Computer

Chris Guld will present a basic seminar on using your computer under Windows XP. How to use 'My Computer' to organize the files on your computer and find them. How to Login/Logoff and Restart. How to Copy and Paste. How to back up files.

Practice Safe Computing!

The basic maintenance techniques that will keep your computer running smooth and virus-free. Regular system maintenence will save you money. A few simple tasks performed every week in the proper order will keep your computer in top shape. It is also important to not invite malicious code into your system.

We call it BUCS: B=Backup, U=Update, C=Cleanup and S=Scan. Jim Guld will be demonstrating how to do all of the above and why.

Safe Computing Frequently Asked Questions

Build your own Website or Weblog What does it take to have your own website? A domain name, a webhost, an FTP program, a photo editing program and an html editing program. What do those things mean, and how do you get them? That's what you learn in this seminar. You'll also learn what 'blogging' is all about and how that may be the easiest way to get a website.
All about email on the road How exactly does email work, and why do we have trouble sending email when we travel? It all has to do with your 'incoming server' and 'outgoing server', aka SMTP server. Learn about the special issues involved when you're traveling and using multiple methods to connect to the Internet. Learn the difference between using an email 'client' like Outlook, or using Webmail. And, last but not least, learn how to get your own email address rather than using the address from your provider.


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